Capability Resources

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Established in the year 2000, Capability Resources provide high-quality products and services to foster safe and productive workplaces.

We work across a wide and diverse range of industries including Oil & Gas, Aeronautical, Construction, Defence, Drilling, Health, Manufacturing, Mining, Petrochemicals, Shipping, Rail, Utilities, and Waste Management.

Capability Resources have built a team of highly qualified and experienced electrical and mechanical engineers, electricians, and technicians - their knowledge and skills will extend to your business.

20 years experience in fostering safe & productive workplaces by offering ‘whole of business’ solutions and acting as a single point of contact, Capability Resources ensure companies achieve and maintain success in the three critical areas of compliance & safety – competent people, safe work practices and fit for purpose equipment.

Working with EZenergy – an extension of our business – we offer the most compliant and reliable turnkey power generator solutions to customers throughout NSW and beyond.

At Capability Resources, we offer...

Inspections, Audits & Repairs

Capability Resources is widely recognised as a leader in providing Introduction to Site (ITS) Inspections, we are authorised by a number of mining companies.

Be Mine Site Ready

with Capability Resources