Introduction to Site

Introducing Plant
to Mine Sites

Capability Resources is recognised as an industry leader in helping mines and contractors navigate site specific Introduction to Site (ITS) processes prior to plant being used on site.

Equipped with a team of competent ITS Inspectors, plant inspections conducted by Capability Resources help streamline the process to confirm that plant is safe to use, complies with site specific requirements and that Plant Safety Files are in order.

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Introduction to
Site Support

Capability Resources has built a solid reputation over many years working with key personnel at mines and contractors to introduce plant to mine sites.

Key areas of support include:

  • Plant inspections – physical and via video
  • Address non-conformances
  • Audit Plant Safety Files
  • Complete site specific ITS documentation
  • Provide electronic reports, with embedded photo evidence
  • Access to cloud-based reporting and PSF system
  • Provision of Capability Resources MDG15 MultiSite inspection
  • Thermal imaging

The range of plant inspections include, but are not limited to surface mobile, medium, road going vehicles, cranes, pumps, compressors, drill rigs, electrical and ancillary equipment.

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