Introduction to Site

ITS - Mine Site Ready

Capability Resources understand the range of requirements associated with being ‘site ready’ for the mining industry. Our team has built strong relationships in the sector and works closely with the Mine Engineers to make sure the process as smooth as possible.

As industry experts Capability Resources have the skills and experience to help you understand what is required to become mine site-ready.

We will get you onsite,

on time, every time.

Inspections, Audits and Repairs

Capability Resources is widely recognised as a leader in providing Introduction to Site (ITS) Inspections.

Capability Resources is equipped with an in-house ITS Competency Plan and Authorisation process for ITS Inspectors. We perform a range of ITS Inspections on equipment such as:

  • Surface Mobile Equipment
  • Medium Equipment
  • Road Going Vehicles
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Thermal Imaging

Capability Resources help to navigate the Introduction to Site process and Plant Safety File requirements specific to a range of mining companies, ensuring plant and equipment arrives compliant with all site-specific requirements.

ITS Inspections and Plant Safety Files are electronic and saved within a cloud-based system for ease of access and maintainability.

Capability Resources is equipped with highly qualified and experienced electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, electricians and technicians, ready to help with your equipment compliance needs.

Our range of Equipment Compliance Essentials will ensure your equipment is safe to operate and complies with current standards. See our full range of Safe Equipment services here.

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